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MCL carries wide expertise in civil law matters and our lawyers are experts on the complex rules governing the financial industry. We have lots of experience in assisting clients in business and contract law issues, specifically with focus on the financial market.

MCLogg – create and manage logbooks

The European Union’s market abuse regulation (MAR) impose extensive demands on insider lists (logbooks) for listed companies. In cooperation with some of the leading experts on practical aspects of market abuse related issues, we created a digital tool – MCLogg – which simplifies the process of creating and managing your logbooks.

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Did you know that we also have a logbook specially adapted for advisors to listed companies? 

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Company law

Company law is one of our foremost areas of expertise. Our lawyers have extensive experience in company law issues and acts as continuous advisors to a large number of listed and unlisted companies.

With special focus on the financial market and its challenges our lawyers continuously handle a large amount of complicated company law related questions. When using MCL as your legal experts, you receive counseling from an advisor coming from a leading market company, with decades of experience, and which from this has gained unique specialist competence and branch-knowledge and which, with a holistic perspective, will stand by your side from the beginning to the end of the process.

GRC – Governance, Risk management och Compliance

MCL has vast experience in the field of corporate governance, risk management and compliance. Actors in the financial industry are often subject to complex and extensive regulatory demands that seriously affects everyday operations. Our lawyers are ready to assist and advice you in questions regarding the Swedish Code of Corporate Governance and other regulations covering the area.

MCL also has great expertise in how the regulations against market abuse are to be interpreted and what preparatory measures are required for investors and other actors in the financial industry to avoid sanctions.

Markets and securities law

We’re a professional law firm with full focus on the legal issues of the financial industry. Our experience from the financial sector has granted us unique specialist competence within markets and securities law.

Markets and securities law is an area including different legal matters that can lead to dire consequences if wrongly managed. MCL offers services to all actors in the financial industry to ensure a safe and correct handling of the legal issues of the financial industry. Among other things, MCL has been in charge of implementing the fourth money laundering directive and MiFID II for Spotlight Stock Market and Sedermera Fondkommission.

MCL is also the natural choice when companies are considering changing market places. From working with Spotlight Stock Market and different financial advisors as well as listed companies, MCL has unique insights in and knowledge about the process of changing market places to a regulated market and the regulatory burdens on listed companies from the different market places.

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