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From drafting, to execution, to registration – MCL is your advisor all the way.

MCL stands for Markets & Corporate Law. A law firm that offers security for the actors of the financial industry.

About Markets & Corporate Law

We have unique specialist competence and branch knowledge, making us the obvious choice for guidance in legal questions about the financial sector. Our main focus is legal services within securities-, markets- and corporate law issues. We also assist in legal assistance relating to corporate finance.

Focus on the financial industry

We combine extensive experience from classic law firm work with the in-house corporate lawyer, creating something new: a professional law firm with full focus on the legal needs of the financial industry.

Our services

Corporate law

Corporate law is one of our main areas of expertise. Our lawyers have wide experience in corporate law issues with focus on, among other things, managing general meetings within the financial sector.

Markets and securities law

Our experience from the financial sector has provided us with unique specialist competence within markets and securities law.

Other services

We also assist companies in legal inquiries and tasks related to corporate governance, risk management and compliance (GRC), as well as in questions related to market abuse and financial reporting. Read more »


CEO Daniel Sjöholm, Master of Laws (LL.M.)

Executive VP Simon Lindskoug, Master of Laws (LL.M.)

Board of directors

Stefan Sallerfors, chairman of the board
  • Born 1957

Other positions:

  • Management and organisational consultant
  • MEDVICE design AB, CEO and owner


Medical degree, Lunds uiversity 1981
Medical license 1983
Specialist in medical radiology 1987


For the past 30 years, Sallerfors has held a number of senior positions in the healthcare industry as head of clinic, chief physician, and as CEO of Helsingborg Hospital. Furthermore, As chairman of the board of directors, Sallerfors was deeply involved in the corporatization of Folktandvården Skåne. In addition, Sallerfors has solid experience from various assignments in senior positions and has, among other things, been active as head of research at Länsförsäkringar AB, where he developed Research & Future, a unit within LFAB. Sallerfors has held a number of positions linked primarily to business development, strategic consulting and financing in both unlisted and listed companies, primarily through Medvice Design AB, where Sallerfors is the founder and CEO. In addition, Sallerfors has extensive experience from board work and has held more than 35 different board assignments, including the position as chairman of the Board of TikoMed AB and Alfa eCare Holding AB.


Other positions as board member:

  • Spotlight Group AB, member of board of directors
  • ATS Finans AB, member of board of directors
  • Alfa eCare Holding AB, member of board of directors
  • Care Insight AB, chairman of board of directors
  • Medvice Design AB, member of board of directors CEO
  • Prophy Med AB, chairman of the board of directors
  • TIKOMED AB, chairman of board of directors
  • Trigonum AB, member of board of directors
  • TX Medic AB, chairman of board of directors
  • Ticapex AB, chairman of board of directors
Daniel Sjöholm, member of board of directors
  • Born 1984


  • Master of Laws (LL.M.), Lund university 2014

Other position as board member:

  • FinReg Solutions AB, member of board of directors
Markus Neuding, member of board of directors
  • Born 1990

Other positions:

  • Executive Vice President, ATS Finans AB


  • Master of Laws (LL.M.), Lund university 2014

Other position as board member:

  • ATS Finans AB, adjunct member of board of directors
Peter Gönczi, member of board of directors
  • Born 1975

Other positions:

  • Spotlight Group AB, CEO
  • ATS Finans AB, CEO


  • Bachelor’s degree in economics, Uppsala university, 2000


Gönczi has more than 20 years of solid experience from working with the stock market, growth companies and the raising capital. Gönczi have been in the center of the development of the Swedish market for listing the shares of growth companies – from telephone trading, news distribution via fax, restrictive rules and lack of investor protection, to today’s reality. Between 2000 and 2006, Gönczi worked with market surveillance at NGM and with NGM’s operations, early as head of information surveillance and later as head of NGM’s market surveillance and stock exchange administration. In 2006, Gönczi was appointed deputy CEO of Spotlight Stock Market (priviously AktieTorget), a role that in 2011 led to Gönczi being appointed CEO. At Spotlight Stock Market, Gönczi has promoted business development, developed both the organization and the workforce, and built up routines, systems and collaborations. Since the group was formed in 2010, Gönczi has also been responsible for developing the group. Gönczi was a driving force in the Group’s rebuilding during the years 2012 to 2016. Since then, Gönczi has led the work of the entire group’s development and contributed to the group as we know it today.


Other positions as board member:

  • Spotlight Group AB, member of board of directors, CEO
  • ATS Finans AB, member of board of directors, CEO
  • Sameve Invest AB, member of board of directors
  • Ependy AB, member of board of directors
Mikael Renck, member of board of directors
  • Born 1980


  • Civilekonomexamen och Ekonomie magister

Other positions as board member:

  • Member of board of directors and CEO, FinReg Solutions AB, IAT Innovation Sweden AB, MiRé Holding AB
  • Member of board of directors, ATS Finans AB, Gainbridge Capital AB, Sedermera Corporate Finance AB, Markets & Corporate Law Nordic AB, Shark Communication AB, Nordic Issuing AB, Placing Corporate Finance Sverige AB, Purple Scout AB, Gigstep AB och SME GROWTH IT PARTNER S.R.L.

About the group

Spotlight Group is a company group consisting of independent businesses with a common purpose – to make it easier for companies to grow. MCL combines solid experience from the judicial world with the corporate world through the role of a company lawyer. MCL contributes both internally, to the company group, and externally, to its own clients, with expertise in stock exchange and stock market law. The company group consists of Spotlight Group, Markets & Corporate Law, Spotlight Stock Market, Sedermera Corporate Finance, Shark Communication, Nordic Issuing, FinReg Solutions, Gainbridge Capital, Kalqyl Analys Norden, Impact Attracts and Placing Corporate Finance.

Spotlight Stock Market is a marketplace (a so-called SME platform) for, above all, growth companies. Sedermera Corporate Finance is a financial advisor and comprehensive supplier in corporate finance. Shark Communication is a communications agency specialized in the stock market and financial communications. Nordic Issuing is an issuing institution, account-holding institution and clearing member of Euroclear Sweden AB and offers a wide range of issuing services. FinReg Solutions offers products and services within RegTech and FinTech. Gainbridge runs the fund “Gainbridge Novus Nordic” which focuses on investments in listed companies. Kalqyl Analys Nordenis an analysis company that offers analysis coverage to listed companies. Impact Attracts is an open digital platform for investors, which makes visible the sustainability data of listed growth companies and Placing Corporate Finance is a financial advisor that helps growth companies through IPOs, directed issues, preferential issues, private placements, valuations, and block transactions.

Through its various branches of business, the company group has created an ecosystem of exchange-related services adapted to the needs of growth companies in a listed environment. Spotlight Group intends to continue to be a pioneer in developing tools for listed growth companies and thereby create the conditions for increased employment, innovation, and competitiveness.

Markets & Corporate Law Nordic AB (MCL), org.no. 559081-4769, is a fully owned subsidiary to Spotlight Group AB, org.no. 556797-0750. Spotlight Group AB is also parent company to Shark Communication AB, org.no. 559287-4696, FinReg Solutions AB, org.no. 556939-3308, Spotlight Stock Market AB, org.no. 556736-8195, Sedermera Corporate Finance AB, org.no. 559341-1100, Nordic Issuing AB, org.no. 559338-2509, Gainbridge Capital AB, org.no. 559307-3892, Kalqyl Analys Norden AB, org.no. 559294-0927, Placing Corporate Finance Sverige AB, org.no. 559321-2698 and Impact Attracts AB, org.no. 559351-2238. Information about Spotlight Group and its subsidiaries are available at spotlightgroup.sespotlightstockmarket.com sharkcom.se, finregsolutions.se, sedermera.se, kalqyl.se, gainbridge.se, impactattracts.se, nordic-issuing.se och placing.se.

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